Trauma Seminars Help 9/11 Survivors

A post-9/11 program to help survivors of trauma has enabled some 7,000 people to discover sources of resilience in the aftermath of attacks of all kinds over the last six years.

“When personal trauma is not healed, aggression and increased violence may be the result,” says Virginia Foley, the widow of a U.S. government official who was assassinated in Jordan in 2002. “This is true of societies as well as individuals.”

Virginia and Larry Foley in Jordan in 2001Virginia and Larry Foley in Jordan in 2001. Foley was on assignment for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) when he became the victim of a terrorist attack on Oct. 28, 2002. Virginia Foley credits her STAR experience in 2006 as a major step in a long-term healing process. Read more …

Foley credits STAR