‘Homeless’ Advocates to Speak

Jessica Schuler, a civil rights policy analyst with the National Coalition on the Homeless, will speak in several settings at Eastern Mennonite University Thursday, Mar. 22.

Schuler will be joined by two members from the NCH Speakers Bureau, both of whom are either currently or formerly homeless.

They will speak on “Faces of Homelessness” at an informal dinner meeting at 5 p.m. in the west dining room of the university cafeteria.

Earlier in the day, the trio will speak 1 p.m. in “Family in the Social Context” class in room 226 of the EMU Campus Center and at 2:25 p.m. in “Social Policy Analysis” class in room 109 of the Suter Science Center.

Schuler is a recent graduate of graduate of the University of Scranton (PA) and is a volunteer with Capuchin-Franciscan Volunteer Corps.

The classes and the dinner meeting are open to the public. Persons may go through the cafeteria line and bring their trays to the meeting.

The Washington, D.C.-based National Coalition for the Homeless, founded in 1984, is a national network of people who are currently experiencing or who have experienced homelessness, activists and advocates, community-based and faith-based service providers, and others committed to a single mission of ending homelessness. Information on the NCH is available at www.nationalhomeless.org.

The event is sponsored by EMU’s social work and sociology department. For more information, call Gretchen H. Maust at 540-432-4453.