Career success, memories, spark giving for Suter

August 6th, 2013

Anesthesiologist Mark C. Stoltzfus ’93

Nine guys who lived on one floor of Maplewood during 1990-91 bonded so well that, a few years after graduation, they began reuniting for a weekend every year. They initially gathered at a cabin owned by the parents of Jeffrey Shank ’95, now a school superintendent in Sarasota, Florida, but lately they have rented a house in rural Luray, 35 miles northeast of Harrisonburg. Stoltzfus wrote:

We spend the weekends catching up, playing poker, watching movies, occasionally riding four-wheelers, playing with paintball guns, tossing around the football, playing horseshoes, you name it. . . and consistently go out in the woods/pasture/riverbank/frozen lake (depending on the location), for a battery of  “feats of strength,” which can range anywhere from toppling over a large dead tree, to trust-falls off a high stump, to tossing a rather large heavy boulder into the river. We also have a tradition of “sharing time” where we go around the group and everyone talks about what is going on in their lives. We all really open up with each other, and always feel comfortable discussing joys, fears, insecurities, and vulnerabilities. It’s a very close, tight-knit group of guys who genuinely love and care about each other.

Allergist Mark A. Wenger ’93

They call themselves “Cabin Nine” and have adopted the cause of supporting the renovation of the Suter Science Center in memory of the “head room”: “Most of us took many of our classes in that building, and all have fond memories of that particular classroom, or at least fond memories of the décor,” wrote Stoltzfus. He and another member of Cabin Nine, Mark A. Wenger ’93, an allergist in Fredericksburg, Va., are pictured here. Among the other six guys in Cabin Nine, there’s a third in medicine: pediatrician Brad Friesen ’94 of Burlington, Vt. Three of the guys are executives in insurance and financial businesses: Trevor Parmer ’94 of Harrisonburg, Va.; Vaughn Troyer ’93 of Millersburg, Ohio; and Kyle Zehr ’94 of Perkasie, Pa. Steve Rittenhouse ’93 is a schoolteacher in Harrisonburg, Va., and Mitch Troyer ’93 is vice president of a motorcycle and power-sports dealership in Harrisonburg.

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