EMU Student Solar Project

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EMU Student Solar Project

EMU students are passionate about sustainability!

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In the fall of 2017, a group of students began to discuss proactive steps towards reducing the university’s carbon footprint.

Inspired by a volunteer installation model used by a local non-profit, the students began to focus on the potential and feasibility of developing and implementing their own campus solarization initiative.

The Student Solar Panel Project (SSPP) was born. Students are the leading thinkers and workers behind successful implementation.

SSPP plans to finance, design and install a 41 kW solar array on Roselawn, a former dorm that is now office and academic space. The 2400-square-foot array has the potential to produce 56,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year, increasing EMU’s solar generating capacity by 40 percent.

Current Roselawn Roof

Roselawn Roof

Projected Solar Array

Projected Solar Array on Roselawn

Collaboration has been key to this endeavor:

  • Engineering students began designing the array and performing structural analysis with the help of Engineering Advisory Board member Johann Zimmerman.
  • Engineers for a Sustainable World Club members will help with installation.
  • Business and economics students developed a financial model.
  • Computer Science students designed a data acquisition system and dashboard.

Project completion date is estimated to be mid-April and they need your help to be successful.

Give today and help SSPP and EMU take the next step in sustainability by funding this project!

Those #under30 are especially encouraged to give. Two generous donors will match up to $17,000 if we demonstrate the importance of carbon-neutrality to younger people.

Students Speak

“As someone involved in sustainability clubs on campus, I always hear students question how we can work to make campus more sustainable. This project has focused the creative energy of so many people on this campus, and provided a way for students to connect to one another, various faculty and staff members, and the Harrisonburg community. The sheer amount and variety of people who have aided in this project is evidence for the vigorous passion at EMU for sustainability.”  
—Emma Yoder, sophomore, SSPP fundraising coordinator and Student Government Association Senator.

“Through this project, I've gained a better understanding of networking, leadership and the process involved in making substantial projects such as this one a reality. Passion for sustainability and the betterment of EMU can be seen within each member of the SSPP. If anyone can lead a grassroots movement to install a solar panel array, it's this group.”
—Andy King, Sophomore, Earthkeepers co-leader

Giving Levels:


Module Clamps

When you're just trying to hold it together.


Grounding Lugs

It's important to stay grounded and remember who you are.


Support Rail

Supporting solar can be hard work, but you're up to the challenge!


Panel Optimizer

Help those panels work together to be the best they can be.


Solar Century

You're a central part of solarizing our centennial!


Solar Panel

There is a solar panel up there because of you.


Solar Panel Duet

Because two is more than one!


Solar Inverter

You really know how to use power effectively.


Solar Champion

Obviously we shouldn't stop with just Roselawn - let's solarize Hillside too!