Sustainable Concession Stand

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Sustainable Concession Stand

Old Concession Stand

If you have ever been to EMU’s turf field to watch a colleague, family member, or friend play a match, you might have noticed the old trailer that is currently being used as a concession stand. Sitting on the northwest corner of the bleachers, you must have seen it because the small structure blocks the entire corner of the field.

My name is Ben Zook and I’m a senior Mathematics and Pre-engineering major here at EMU. Throughout my time here, I’ve enjoyed countless hours at the turf field cheering on my friends and playing in intramural games after class. For an honor’s capstone project, I wish to help build a new concession stand which:

  1. is out of the way of fans enjoying the game.
  2. is conveniently placed so that family and friends know where they can get refreshments while watching a match
  3. attracts sufficient business to compensate for the time and energy it takes to set up every game
  4. is off the grid and sustainable in congruence with the mission of Eastern Mennonite University

After I graduate from EMU, I plan to pursue a career in structural engineering or construction management. Following closely to these vocational goals, my role in this project will be to design and oversee the construction of the concession stand, organize the ordering of materials and general project timeline, and contract local businesses to help me build the concession stand. David Roth Sawatzky, an EMU alumnus and local carpenter, will be the primary builder.

I need your help to raise $8000 for this project so that future generations of students and EMU Royals fans can enjoy sustainably-powered refreshments for years to come.

New Concession Stand

New Concession Stand

Giving Levels:


4x4 Supplier

Because 2x4's are too small.


Bundle o' Shingles

This shed won't roof itself.


Concessions Counter

Condiment spills come extra.


Staff Entrance Door

Because it's unsanitary to crawl through the window.


Serving Window

How else will you be handed your sustainably powered treats?


Solar Batteries

For the introvert who likes to store their light before giving it lovingly away.


Two Solar Panels

Bragging rights: my panels cooked your hot dog!


Uninhibited View of Turf

For all the times you've missed that crucial corner kick.