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Michelle Armster

Mennonite Central Committee (MCC)

Marcellin Danhoundo

Country Representative in Zimbabwe, Mennonite Central Committee

Jerrold Grosh

Director in Somalia for Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) and Eastern Mennonite Missions (EMM) MCC supports primary schools for children, literacy and job training for women and education in conflict mediation for teachers and students in Somalia. MCC is also supporting the development work of SAACID and AFREC in coastal communities struck by the December 26, ...More

API, 2000: Birthing Peace Clubs in African Schools

Weeks of xenophobic attacks in spring 2015 on migrants living in South Africa deeply affected Mulanda Jimmy Juma, though he was not threatened personally. Not this time.[1] Juma is a migrant to South Africa from elsewhere on the continent, like many of those attacked in the Johannesburg township of Alexandra and in Durban in March ...More

The Peace Academy, 2007: Detoxifying the Post-Yugoslavia Region

Much of Sarajevo still looks battered by the sniper fire and artillery shelling of a quarter century ago, with gashes in the gray concrete of the multi-story apartment buildings and half-demolished homes behind some garden fences. Yet the setting is stunning. Heavily forested hills, with five big mountaintops, hug the valley where Sarajevo nestles along ...More

MCC, CJP Enjoy Long Partnership

EMU’s Center for Justice and Peacebuilding (CJP) has long enjoyed close ties to Mennonite Central Committee (MCC). In fact, it exists in large part because of MCC. In the late ’80s MCC staff in its Akron offices began discussing the need to train more peacebuilders by combining practical experience in conflict resolution with the field’s ...More

Earliest CJP Students Prize the ‘Lens’ They Acquired

Who would come from half-way around the world to enroll in a program at Eastern Mennonite University that was so new, no college catalog listed it? Sam Gbaydee Doe did. From Liberia. Initially, the plump squirrels running around campus dismayed him: They could be food for very hungry people in his war-torn homeland. He himself ...More

Head of in-take team for school system

Nathan Barge, MA ’99 Harrisonburg, Virginia As director of the “Welcome Center” of the Harrisonburg public school system, Nathan Barge leads the team that registers, evaluates and places hundreds of incoming students. About half of these come from households that speak a language other than English. Barge himself speaks Spanish, in addition to his native ...More

Math teacher, church leader

Michael Clymer, MA ’99 Meridian, Mississippi Mike Clymer learned of CTP while he and his wife Melody were doing voluntary service with Mennonite Central Committee in southeastern Africa. “I found it a great way to help me process and reflect on my experiences in Swaziland and to explore what I wanted to do next.” Toward ...More

Spanish teacher

Daagya Dick, MA ’00 McPherson, Kansas When Daagya Dick applied to enter CTP in 1996, she recalls that speaking a language in addition to English was an entrance requirement. (That requirement was quickly dropped, since it eliminated many prospective students.) Raised as a Mennonite in California, Daagya became fluent in Spanish while on a Bethel ...More

Director, refugee resettlement program

Jim Hershberger ’82, MA ’97 Harrisonburg, Virginia As Jeff Heie is doing now (in 2010), Jim Hershberger defied gender stereotyping from 1990 to 1996, when he was the main caregiver for the three Hershberger children as they grew from preschool to upper-elementary ages. Jim’s wife, Ann, was then a nurse with a master’s degree (she ...More

Hospital nurse

Hadley Jenner, Grad. Cert. ’97 Harrisonburg, Virginia Long-time work with Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) seems to leave people with rich experiences and much wisdom, but not necessarily with credentials that translate into comparably responsible work in the US. Or so Hadley and Jan Jenner found after leaving their shared 7-year-long roles as MCC country representatives ...More

Director, practice & training institute

Janice “Jan” Jenner, MA ’99 Harrisonburg, Virginia Jan Jenner is outranked only by Howard Zehr for being the longest-serving full-time employee currently at CJP. Over the last 13 years, she has been a student, grant writer, administrator, book author, and teacher at CJP. She and her husband Hadley formerly served with Mennonite Central Committee in ...More