Matthew Hartman

Director of Workplace, Community Services and Restorative Justice Programs, Mediation Works, Medford, OR

Since 2007 I have worked for Mediation Works as Senior Trainer, Facilitator and Mediator for professional and community groups. Additionally, I am responsible for all administrative duties of Workplace and Community Services including: learner-needs assessment for new clients, training design, invoicing, marketing and development.

Beginning in 2008 I added administering Restorative Justice Programs, including: development of new programs; training of all program staff, volunteers and interns; outreach to community partners, stakeholders, clients and customers; recruitment, management and support of program staff, volunteers and interns.

One of my first initiatives was to envision and coordinate a three-day conference on restorative justice with renowned author and practitioner Howard Zehr.

We re-created the Victim Offender Program (VOP) to better reflect restorative justice values, while simultaneously increasing the quantity and quality of services offered and decreasing system resources used. We chose to strengthen the social capital of Mediation Works by engaging stakeholders in the processes of coordinating the restorative justice conference and redeveloping VOP.

In partnership with Southern Oregon University we developed monitoring and evaluation parameters for VOP.   Working with the Medford Juvenile Detention Center, we conduct twice-weekly restorative justice circle process mentoring groups. We provide direct assistance and support to victims of juvenile crime (referred cases).   I also lead training for a six-class curriculum for juveniles focusing on responsibility, accountability, empathy and preparation for victim-offender dialogue, as well as facilitating victim-offender dialogues.