Philip Quoqui

Philip S. Quoqui is a Liberian gender diversity and social justice advocate and former CJP Community Building Coordinator. He has over ten years of working experience in non-profit organizations. From September 2017 to August 2021, he worked as an Advocacy Officer for the Lutheran Church in Liberia HIV and AIDS Program. In this position, he used his advocacy skills to break barriers by advocating for the rights of marginalized groups in Liberia.

He is the Founder and Coordinator for the Alternatives to Violence Project Liberia Students Initiative, an organization that believes in experiential learning and helping people find skills in coping with violence in their personal lives and the community. In 2020, he organized and registered the Liberian Dad for Gender Equality as a non-profit organization in Liberia with the mission to detoxify toxic masculinity in Liberian society.

Philip is a trauma healing counselor. He was trained in Rwanda by HROC. (Healing and Rebuilding our Community). HROC is an international trauma healing training program, based in Rwanda and Burundi. Philip has experience in peacebuilding, administration, community development, conflict resolution, trauma mastery, peace mediation, and monitoring and evaluation.

This profile was last updated January 5, 2024