Khadija Fara’adde

G.C., 2013



Fields of Practice

Peacebuilding Leadership

Banadir Regional Administration
Project Advisor for Civic engagement and Community Cohesion

Khadija is a young woman who, as a child, the only memories she had were of destructive conflict, displacements, bloodshed and the cries of her people for peace. She is now a peace-building practitioner and a Social Reconciliation activist. She has always wanted to be part of healing in her country and to contribute something good to her community and Nation. She would like to be more than just a sister, a daughter, a wife and a mother. Khadija believes that, with the skills and knowledge she gained from her studies, she can prevent many of the Somali young people from reliving her painful past.

This profile was last updated November 24, 2014