Jennifer K. Lynne

Jennifer is the founder and director of thecontactproject, an organization utilizing contemplative practices, neuroscientific research, culturally sensitive methodologies, and the science of complex systems to assist individuals, communities, and organizations in cultivating the capacities for listening, patience, and respect.

thecontactproject recognizes that a diverse and interdependent world requires the inclusion of human needs and dignity for sustainable relationships and solutions. We believe that the cultivation of the capacities for listening, patience and respect forms engaged individuals able to address change, conflict and diversity with dignity. Utilizing the science of complex systems, contemplative practices, and neuroscientific research, we assist individuals, communities, and organizations in developing these essential tools for peace.

In addition to role as director at thecontactproject, Jennifer is pursuing her Ph.D. in Peace Studies at the University of New England, Australia and has been named as a visiting scholar at the Mind & Life Institute at Amherst College.