Dianne J. Warren

Communication & Training Coordinator, Family Involvement Center

Dianne coordinates communications outreach, trainings and special events (including events to raise awareness about children’s mental health and family-professional conferences). She serves as staff consultant in written communications and formal curriculum design. In addition, Dianne conducts practice improvement standard needs reviews. Dianne updates her company website, creates a monthly newsletter and has also created a digital library of resources which is linked on the website.

Dianne’s background includes experience in state government, higher education, and non-profit employment and volunteer work. Previously, Dianne was a Career Advisor for youth at risk in the Phoenix metro area. She mentored and trained youth and staff in workshops and on a daily basis as they reached their goals of furthering their education and employment opportunities. Dianne holds a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and a master’s in Conflict Transformation & Peacebuilding. In 2012, Dianne earned her  master’s in Information Resources & Library Science with a concentration in Digital Information Management.