Clarinda Molia

G.C., 2014


Solomon Islands

Fields of Practice

Peacebuilding Leadership

I am currently employed by the Solomon Islands Government under it Ministry of National Unity, Reconciliation and Peace as one of it Chief Peace and Reconciliation Officer for the Western Provincial Government at Gizo, the capital for the Western Province of the Solomon Islands.
We are working on two specific policies of the Government of the Day ( DCC- Democratic Coalition for Change- under the leadership of the Honorable Prime Minister, Manasseh Sogavare) that is translated as 1. Key Priority Area -Peace and Post conflict Rehabilitation Programs- Cooperate Object 1.1; Sustainable Rehabilitation and livelihood programs for affected people and community
2.Key Priority Area- Traditional Governance and Structures- Cooperate Objective 3.1; Recognize, Strengthened and Empower traditional Governance Systems.
Therefore we are working on Key Area 2: Objective 3.1; Recognizes, Strengthened and Empower Traditional Governance System in this Province by empowering, formulating and registration of the local Traditional Chiefly Community Governance systems within the various communities within the jurisdiction of this Province. The 3 structures that we are working on a 1. Council of Chiefs; 2. House of Chiefs, Elders and Community and 3. Community/Tribal Associations.
Our Government is moving into the State Government, therefore are working on the 3rd structure of this State Government body- Community Governance.
This is a collaborative effort of the current DCC Government to create sustainable Peacebuilding measures across this Province as well as accelerating development, in the phase of the existing of the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) last month, June 2017.
I am also the first female officer in this position for the Western Province Peace Desk, and find it challenging because of the Male dominating society and culture of the Melanesians. However, it is a great opportunity to pave the way forwards for other Women Leaders that will surely peruse such leadership roles as Peace builder’s in the near future.
I believe that Peacebuilding is everyone’s business and that you and I have to take ownership of this never-ending Change process if we want sustainable Peace in the shores of post-conflict nations like the Solomon Islands. This ownership starts with me today, I am therefore, the face and the voice of Change.

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