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Who are the Reel American Heroes?

By Kenneth R. Morefield In the fall of 2003, I noted that Hollywood had made a slew of war movies in which the protagonists were heavy underdogs fighting a defensive war against a morally inferior invading horde. Some of these films were historical: “The Last Samurai,” “Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World” and “The Alamo.” Othe ...More

Virginia Private College Week

EMU is inviting Virginia resident students to discover the delectable menu of educational opportunities available right in their own back yard. EMU is among 24 schools participating in the eighth annual Virginia Private College Week, July 26-31, sponsored by the Council of Independent Colleges in Virginia ...More

Encore Presentation of ‘Little Grill’ Documentary

A peek inside The Little Grill photo by Benjamin Myers “A Collective Look at The Little Grill,” a one-hour documentary produced by students enrolle ...More

Student Film Teaches International Students ‘Reality 101’

By Kelly Jasper, Daily News-Record Selam Hussein, an EMU student from Ethiopia, produced a film titled “Reality 10 ...More