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Mark Schloneger

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We're Still Friends political signs of EMU alumni families

Mennonite College Alumni Model Lessons of Peace in Politics

Two families linked to Mennonite colleges playfully provided Harrisonburg, Va. residents with a lesson in friendship this election season. The couples, each with a son and daughter who love socializing with each other, put up opposing political placards before their homes on opposite sides of their street, not far from the EMU campus. M ...More

Homecoming worship service

UPDATE: Election-Day Communion Sweeping Across Nation

A CNN blog explaining the call for an election-day communion, written by Mennonite pastor Mark Schloneger (a graduate of EMU’s seminary), has attracted over 3,000 comments and even more “likes.” Nearly 800 congregations, schools, a ...More


Seminary Grad, Pastor to Share Knowledge

Mark Schloneger, a 2005 graduate of Eastern Mennonite Seminary, will be campus this week to interact with students, faculty and staff. As part of EMU’s visiting pastor program, Schloneger has the opportunity to attend both undergraduate and seminary classes, chapel services and share his call to ministry. Schloneger is pastor of Springdale Mennonite Church in Waynesboro, Va. ...More

Undergraduate Students Sample Ministry from EMS Grads

Read more… ...More