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Bike capital, where riders are gearing up to lead the way

In 2010, a new class made its first appearance in EMU’s course catalog: bicycle maintenance, taught by Ben Wyse ’99. That was the same year that the university cooperated with the City of Harrisonburg to paint bike lanes along Park Road through campus, while Bible and religion professor Peter Dula ’92 helped a group of students found EMU’s bike coop, an ...More

From atop the Andes, the finish is in sight

By Andrew Jenner, RocktownWeekly.com The last few weeks have been an exercise in contrasts for Lars Akerson and Jon Spicher, pedaling from barren ground to verdant, from sea level to nearly three miles in the clouds. They are in Peru now, six months, nine countries and nearly 6,000 miles gone from Harrisonburg, bound for the Men ...More

It’s ‘Managua by Easter’ for World Conference Bikers

EMU students biking from Harrisonburg to Paraguay to experience the global church, raise funds for conference By Andrew Jenner, Rocktown Weekly It was the first Tuesday in January, cold and rainy, when Jon Spicher and Lars Akerson began pedaling south. In the 45 days and 2,000-plus miles since then, they’ve made steady progress, about five days of biking and two o ...More

Global Cyclists Putting Mettle to the Pedal

Jonathan Spicher (l.) and Lars Akerson moments before beginning their arduous journey from Harrisonburg, Va., to Asuncion, Paraguay, that will take six months and cover 8,500 miles. Photo by Lindsey Roeschley Lars Akerson and Jonathan Spicher are ...More