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CoachLink Aims To Save Lives

Born Out Of Tragedy, EMU Program Provides Mentors To Ease Transition To College Life By Kate Elizabeth Queram, Daily News-Record When he sat down to write his son Austin’s obituary last fall, Bibb Frazier was faced with a choice. He could be purposely vague about how the 22-year-old died, or he could say, straightforwardly, that it was suicide, caused ...More

Crisis team monitors H1N1 (swine) flu situation

Members of the EMU Crisis Preparedness Team (chaired by Ken L. Nafziger, VP of student life) are monitoring the H1N1 (swine) flu situation and its possible impact on university life. Read more… ...More

Come to EMU’s Wellness Fair on Wednesday, March 18

University Commons has been the venue for a number of events and information fairs. Join us on Wednesday, March 18, for the first Wellness Fair! A “Wellness Fair” will be offered to the community on Wednesday, Mar. 18. The event, entitled “EMU Passport ...More