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EMS Provides Training in Ethiopia

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For Local Mennonite Couple, Ethiopia’s Future Looks Bright

The Ethiopians Jim Engle knows have outlooks as bright as their nation’s sunniest summers. ‘Most of the people in Ethiopia are warm and welcoming,’ said Engle, a professor of Old Testament studies at the seminary. Read more… ...More

Seminary Professor Heading to Ethiopia

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Alumni Award Recipient to Speak at Homecoming

Dr. Ingida Asfaw, EMU’s 2007 “alumnus of the year,” will speak at the next Suter Science Seminar during the school’s homecoming and family weekend. Dr. Ingida Asfaw, EMU’s 2007 ...More

Seminary Grad Provides Computer Technology to Ethiopian School

Kelly McDonald, a 2006 seminary graduate, has found a way to combine his technology expertise with his desire to serve and help others get a better education. Read more… ...More