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Those horses you see pulling black buggies might be retired champions

Writer Andrew Jenner, a 2004 graduate, begins here by explaining the EMU-regional angle to his (following) article on a man who buys former racehorses in Pennsylvania to be used to pull Amish and Old Order Mennonite buggies around the country. Bobby gets competitive on the way to church. He’ll lean into his harness if he senses another horse and buggy behind him, and if o ...More


Peacecolleges.com addresses need for information on where to study peace, with justice

For years it has been easy to find law schools and nursing schools in North America, but not so easy to locate schools specializing in the study of conflict and peacebuilding. This has changed, with the advent of “The College Guide to Peace Studies Programs.” Found at www.peacecolleges.com, the guide ...More

Dear Wolfgang Showcases Talented EMU Graduates

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