Out Now: Howard Zehr’s “Restorative Justice: Insights and Stories from My Journey”

This text is taken from Jonathon Swartz’s article on the Zehr Institute Blog.

February 7, 2023 was the official release date for Dr. Howard Zehr’s newest book Restorative Justice: Insights and Stories from My Journey. Published by Walnut Street Books, the book contains what the title suggests – stories and insights (and photographs!) from Howard’s years spent teaching, practicing, critiquing, synthesizing, mentoring, and leading. Longtime publishers of Zehr’s writings Merle Good and Phyllis Pellman Good recently reflected that they sent invitations for endorsements for this book to 45 individuals, hoping to receive a dozen back. All but 1 of the 45 invited responded with endorsements (some of them lengthy!) in support of Howard’s legacy.

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