114 Royals earn ODAC All-Academic Team honors

Eastern Mennonite University saw 114 of its student athletes represented as the Old Dominion Athletic Conference announced its 2021-22 ODAC All-Academic Team. 

The 114 Royals were the second most in program history, trailing only the 118 named in 2019-20. EMU has now had at least 100 honorees six out of the past seven seasons. EMU was represented on the team by 15 of its ODAC-sponsored sports. Men’s volleyball competes in the Continental Volleyball Conference which fields its own academic team, while women’s triathlon also has an independent academic team

Eligibility for the ODAC All-Academic Team is open to any student-athlete that competes in a conference-sponsored sport, regardless of academic class. He or she must achieve at least a 3.25 grade point average for the year to be considered for an ODAC All-Academic Award.

A total of 2,505 student-athletes earned a spot on the ODAC All-Academic Team, the third straight year of more than 2,500 individuals. This year’s number came with two less schools in the mix as Emory & Henry moved to Division II and Southern Virginia (associate for football) moved full-time to the Big South.

A conference-record five schools eclipsed 200 honorees with 11 members featuring 100 or more representatives. Washington and Lee University remains perched at the top with 451 student-athletes earning recognition, nine more than last season. 

The full list of EMU student athletes is below. And to read the full ODAC release, along with finding a comprehensive list of all ODAC athletes that made the academic team, click here

Adrian AbadEastern Mennonite2023Baseball2021-22
Mariana AcostaEastern Mennonite2025Women’s Soccer2021-22
Emerson AdkinsEastern Mennonite2025Softball2021-22
Isaac AlderferEastern Mennonite2021Men’s Cross Country | Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field2021-22
Ben AlderferEastern Mennonite2023Men’s Golf | Soccer2021-22
Bri AllenEastern Mennonite2023Softball2021-22
Isaac AndreasEastern Mennonite2022Men’s Cross Country | Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field2021-22
Kevin AragonEastern Mennonite2025Men’s Soccer2021-22
Cassidy ArmstrongEastern Mennonite2022Field Hockey2021-22
Tyler BagentEastern Mennonite2023Baseball2021-22
Cole BashinskiEastern Mennonite2023Baseball2021-22
Jonas BeachyEastern Mennonite2021Men’s Soccer2021-22
Maria BettilyonEastern Mennonite2023Women’s Soccer2021-22
MK BombergerEastern Mennonite2025Women’s Soccer2021-22
Becca BooneEastern Mennonite2023Softball2021-22
Cyndi BoyerEastern Mennonite2023Women’s Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field2021-22
Emily CampbellEastern Mennonite2021Softball2021-22
Ashley CatalanoEastern Mennonite2025Women’s Soccer2021-22
Lauren ClappEastern Mennonite2024Women’s Basketball2021-22
Skylar CoffeyEastern Mennonite2023Women’s Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field2021-22
Gracie ConnorEastern Mennonite2025Softball2021-22
Hollie CreaseyEastern Mennonite2021Women’s Volleyball2021-22
Noah DahloffEastern Mennonite2021Baseball2021-22
Libbie DerstineEastern Mennonite2025Field Hockey2021-22
Mesa DulaEastern Mennonite2023Men’s Golf | Soccer2021-22
Jason DwyerEastern Mennonite2025Baseball2021-22
Sarah EastEastern Mennonite2023Women’s Volleyball2021-22
Ashlyn EbyEastern Mennonite2023Women’s Lacrosse | Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field2021-22
Anna FilipkowskiEastern Mennonite2022Women’s Soccer2021-22
Kaitlyn FletcherEastern Mennonite2025Softball2021-22
Abigail ForrestEastern Mennonite2025Women’s Soccer2021-22
Grace FravelEastern Mennonite2025Softball2021-22
Vanessa GardinerEastern Mennonite2023Women’s Cross Country | Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field2021-22
Anna GoffEastern Mennonite2023Women’s Soccer2021-22
Maggie GroetschEastern Mennonite2024Field Hockey2021-22
Robert GuentherEastern Mennonite2022Baseball2021-22
Alex GulisanoEastern Mennonite2023Baseball2021-22
Lily GuslerEastern Mennonite2025Women’s Cross Country | Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field2021-22
Mya HamletEastern Mennonite2024Women’s Basketball2021-22
Alyssa HansonEastern Mennonite2025Women’s Soccer2021-22
Matthew HardingEastern Mennonite2023Baseball2021-22
Lyndsay HarrisEastern Mennonite2023Women’s Soccer2021-22
Skylar HedgepethEastern Mennonite2021Field Hockey | Women’s Lacrosse2021-22
Samantha HensleyEastern Mennonite2024Softball2021-22
Caleb HostetlerEastern Mennonite2023Men’s Cross Country | Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field2021-22
Karla HostetterEastern Mennonite2025Women’s Volleyball2021-22
Grace HughesEastern Mennonite2023Women’s Lacrosse2021-22
Wyland JobeEastern Mennonite2023Men’s Golf2021-22
Jordan JonesEastern Mennonite2021Baseball2021-22
Logan JonesEastern Mennonite2023Baseball2021-22
Tim JonesEastern Mennonite2021Men’s Basketball2021-22
Clay KauffmanEastern Mennonite2023Men’s Cross Country | Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field2021-22
Abby KaufmanEastern Mennonite2022Women’s Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field | Volleyball2021-22
Erin KeithEastern Mennonite2022Softball2021-22
Lizzie KirktonEastern Mennonite2023Women’s Volleyball2021-22
Constance KomaraEastern Mennonite2021Women’s Basketball2021-22
Skylar LacksEastern Mennonite2023Baseball2021-22
Kate LandisEastern Mennonite2023Field Hockey | Women’s Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field2021-22
Sierra LantzEastern Mennonite2021Softball2021-22
Aja LaunEastern Mennonite2025Women’s Soccer2021-22
Matthew LeavyEastern Mennonite2023Men’s Golf2021-22
Jaylon LeeEastern Mennonite2021Baseball2021-22
Nathaniel LehmanEastern Mennonite2025Men’s Cross Country | Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field2021-22
Meredith LehmanEastern Mennonite2025Women’s Soccer | Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field2021-22
Grant LeichtyEastern Mennonite2025Men’s Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field2021-22
Morgan LeslieEastern Mennonite2025Field Hockey2021-22
Manuela MarinEastern Mennonite2025Women’s Volleyball2021-22
Katelin MartinEastern Mennonite2021Softball2021-22
Halie MastEastern Mennonite2025Women’s Soccer | Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field2021-22
Ethan McGeeEastern Mennonite2023Men’s Soccer2021-22
Sierra McVeyEastern Mennonite2025Women’s Volleyball2021-22
Jansen MillerEastern Mennonite2023Men’s Cross Country | Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field2021-22
Megan MillerEastern Mennonite2022Women’s Volleyball2021-22
Ariana MillsEastern Mennonite2021Women’s Soccer2021-22
Keely MitchellEastern Mennonite2022Field Hockey2021-22
Lauryn MooreEastern Mennonite2025Women’s Basketball2021-22
Ariel Morales-BonillaEastern Mennonite2023Men’s Soccer2021-22
Levi MyersEastern Mennonite2025Men’s Golf2021-22
Garrett NyceEastern Mennonite2025Baseball2021-22
Dallas OrganekEastern Mennonite2023Men’s Soccer2021-22
Cole OursEastern Mennonite2021Men’s Soccer2021-22
Korenn PaigeEastern Mennonite2021Softball2021-22
Andrew PetittEastern Mennonite2025Baseball2021-22
Canaan PierceEastern Mennonite2025Men’s Basketball2021-22
Claiborne PostonEastern Mennonite2023Women’s Basketball2021-22
Trinity PriceEastern Mennonite2025Women’s Basketball2021-22
Brii RedfearnEastern Mennonite2025Women’s Basketball2021-22
Maddie RennerEastern Mennonite2022Women’s Soccer2021-22
Gage RiddickEastern Mennonite2021Baseball2021-22
Chyna RobertsEastern Mennonite2021Women’s Basketball | Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field2021-22
Eli RoeschleyEastern Mennonite2021Men’s Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field2021-22
Jon SawyersEastern Mennonite2024Baseball2021-22
Kaden SchrockEastern Mennonite2025Men’s Soccer2021-22
Bethany SchultzEastern Mennonite2021Women’s Volleyball2021-22
Madelyn SeeEastern Mennonite2025Women’s Volleyball2021-22
Nati SeifuEastern Mennonite2023Men’s Soccer2021-22
Allison ShellyEastern Mennonite2021Women’s Cross Country | Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field2021-22
Ben ShenkEastern Mennonite2021Men’s Golf2021-22
Forrest ShueyEastern Mennonite2023Baseball2021-22
Hailey SmithEastern Mennonite2025Women’s Soccer2021-22
Natty SolomonEastern Mennonite2022Baseball2021-22
Lucas SorensenEastern Mennonite2025Baseball2021-22
Ethan SprakerEastern Mennonite2023Baseball2021-22
Kendall StettlerEastern Mennonite2025Softball2021-22
Caroline StringerEastern Mennonite2025Softball2021-22
Colin TroiloEastern Mennonite2023Baseball2021-22
Brandy TroutmanEastern Mennonite2022Field Hockey | Softball2021-22
Laura TroyerEastern Mennonite2021Women’s Soccer2021-22
Andrea TroyerEastern Mennonite2021Women’s Volleyball2021-22
Lucy UnzickerEastern Mennonite2023Women’s Cross Country | Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field2021-22
Baelin WatsonEastern Mennonite2022Men’s Soccer2021-22
Jenna WeaverEastern Mennonite2025Women’s Cross Country | Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field2021-22
Dawson WoodruffEastern Mennonite2023Men’s Cross Country | Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field2021-22
Nathaniel YoderEastern Mennonite2022Men’s Cross Country | Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field2021-22

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