EMU’s Top Photos of 2020

Media specialist Rachel Holderman likes to take her time with a photo – finding vibrant colors and dynamic light and carefully composing the frame. Coupled with this care, though, is versatility – Holderman’s talents span from aerial photography to portraiture to event candids. 

One of her favorite shots from this year is from an Ash Wednesday service in February, when members of the EMU community gathered, pre-pandemic, to anoint one another on the forehead or hand with ashes. 

“I love how the colors in the stained glass window gives a visual sense of peace and calm to the scene,” Holderman said.

Another gem is this aerial photo of campus.

“I love all the dynamic colors and light movement within this image,” Holderman said. “The sun shining through the clouds, the foggy mountain in the distance, and the movement of water in the fountain, the glowing color of the trees – it’s beautiful.”

“Color is really important to me as well,” said Jon Styer, director of creative services. “I like warm and vibrant colors that show the energy and welcoming atmosphere of our campus. We have a beautiful location so it is a joy to get to see it change with the seasons.”

Please enjoy our selection of the top photos from 2020. Holderman was joined in capturing this tumultuous but, as you’ll see, beautiful year by former photo and video manager Macson McGuigan and photography intern Jared Oyer. 

“Just like our Tagline – Lead Together – we like to focus on the ways our students learn to work together no matter where they come from or what they believe,” said Styer. “So I think you will see a theme in our photography of people working and learning together, and not just individuals.”

20200107-Snow Day-46