EMS to host hybrid 2022 School for Leadership Training

Join the School for Leadership Training at Eastern Mennonite University Jan. 10-13 for a hybrid and virtual conference on the theme “Race, Place, and Catastrophe: Becoming Grapevine and Fig Tree Planters In a Time of Crisis.”

The event is hosted in collaboration with the Inverse Podcast community.

Keynote speakers include 

  • Drew G.I. Hart from Harrisburg, Pa., in the United States, co-host of Inverse Podcast, author, and professor at Messiah University;
  • Jarrod Mckenna from Perth, Australia, co-host and founder of Inverse Podcast;
  • Carol Ng’ang’a from Nairobi, Kenya, founder of Msingi Trust and Msingi Talks Podcast. 

The event also includes in-person and virtual workshops, worship through gospel music, opportunities for group fun and play, and some distinct InVerse way contributions to our time together.

The theme this year orients around the global crisis at the intersection of ongoing ecological devastation and white supremacy. Rather than speaking abstractly, we want to ground this conversation from the vantage point of the land we live upon together and how a Micah 4 infused imagination invites us to disrupt the global forces seeking to steal, kill, and destroy a sustainable and inhabitable way of life. Instead, the life-giving seeds of resistance will be found in God’s dream for all of creation while leaning into flourishing ways of being and interacting with one another and the ecosystem that sustains us.

Participants who attend will courageously envision and pursue shalom in the land while also encountering unique Inverse community practices and processes, stories and testimonials that will inspire local leaders and congregations, and it will also include the unique opportunity of joining us for a live recording of an Inverse podcast episode with an exciting surprise guest.

 Cost is $190 for in-person or virtual. There is an in-person daily rate option of $50.

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