3/24 EMU News Update: Cheers for you, for us, for EMU, from our Prez and The Weather Vane, too!

Last week, EMU News published a short update for news digest readers on the campus response to COVID-19.  Approximately 1,000 readers checked in to learn more, so we’re doing it again this week.

Here’s a recap of major announcements since last Tuesday:

  1. On Friday evening, we learned of the negative test results for our ill student, who is recovering and attending classes.
  2. On Monday, EMU announced that all classes will remain online through the end of the semester. Classes for May and June will also be online. This decision also meant that spring season athletics were officially canceled.
  3. Commencement is postponed. We’re working on a virtual celebration and a later in-person celebration.

All of these announcements had major consequences for many people, and a crew of hard-working people here at EMU know that. This includes helping you as best we can with the consequences of those decisions.

Our website is https://emu.edu/coronavirus/ and we’re fielding questions at cmptinfo@emu.edu.

CMPT stands for EMU’s Crisis Management Preparedness Team, one of several groups meeting daily to address issues, concerns, logistics and operations.

Here’s three more updates:

I. Cheers from our Prez

Our own President Susan Schultz Huxman took time yesterday to send greetings and good cheer to our students, now spread across the country. One production note: Her cameraman was husband Jesse, a media professional. He told us next time he’ll use the tripod, so that means we can all look forward to a sequel soon!

Check it out:

II. Cheers from The Weather Vane 

EMU’s newspaper, like all great newspapers, will continue to publish in this time of global pandemic and dispersed community. Editors Kate Szambecki and Amanda Hergenrather and their staff reassured us all on March 19 by answering the question “What Do We Do Now?”:

EMU is scattered, but luckily technology lets us stay connected, and the Weather Vane hopes to facilitate community even while we can’t be physically together. It is also simply our duty to report everything going on related to EMU.

Students working on the next edition of The Weather Vane. Photo by Macson McGuigan/EMU.

Kate says she’s been “impressed and touched by the continued strong commitment to the paper.” The staff includes Brynn Yoder, Fatimah Subhi, Adam Moyer, Amanda Hergenrather, Seth Andreas, Rachael Brenneman, Erin Beidler, Hannah Leaman, Silas Clymer, Kiana Childress, Allison Shelly, and Jeremy Blain.

Send well-wishes, story ideas, contributions, etc. to wvane@emu.edu.

EMU News hopes to collaborate on coverage in the coming weeks and to continue to support their good work. If you have something to share, let us know, too!

The comment box is a quick way to reach the EMU News editor.

III. Connect With Us

Many EMU events, including convocation and lectures, are listed with Zoom links at https://emu.edu/events/. EMU folks are dreaming up new ways to connect. Stay tuned.

And in the meantime, check out STAR trainer Katie Mansfield’s virtual dance parties.

Here’s Professor David Berry with a Happy Mashup on the piano sending greetings, too.

Be well. You are loved, EMU family.

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