Professor Matthew Siderhurst speaks with students, including Ethan Matthews (left ) and Nidhi Vinod (center). during a poster session at EMU's ACE Festival. All STEM posters were evaluated by judges in four divisions. (Photo by Jon Styer)

2019 ACE Festival Poster Session Awards

In last week’s ACE Festival, the biology, chemistry, and mathematical sciences posters were evaluated by a panel of faculty from those departments. These STEM departments are proud to announce the following “STEM Celebration” poster awards:

Class Division 

1st placeElliot Bowen and Alexander Navari: Measuring the impact from various concentrations of Cu, Zn, and Fe on the germination and photosynthetic efficiency of two species in petri dishes: hybrid sweet (Zea mays) corn and mustard (Brassica juncea)

2nd placeAnna Jemi-Alade and Sukriti Silwal: An investigation of the reversion of Enterobacter aerogenes tetracycline-resistant bacteria to a tetracycline-sensitive state                         

3rd placeGraciella Odelia and Andrea Troyer: The effects of different copper sulfate concentration on Typha sp. of wetland ecosystems

Independent Research Division

1st placeSylvia Mast and Jonah Short-Miller: Raspberry ketone trifluoroacetate as a lure for Bactrocera tryoni

2nd placeLeah Lapp and Hannah Walker: Testing coffee quality with an electronic nose

3rd placeAnastasia Dronov: From decorations to meaningful narratives: What can organic chemistry students do with EFP?

Project Division

1st placeBenjamin Zook: Engineering design of a solar panel kiosk

Local Impact Award

Jonas Beachy, Jacob Horsley, Laura Troyer, Tessa Waidelich, Jason Wong and Andrew Schunn: “Beauty and the Beast” Set Design

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