EMU had 53 student-athletes named recently to the 2010-11 Old Dominion Athletic Conference (ODAC) All-Academic Team.

EMU Lands 53 On ODAC All-Academic Team

Eastern Mennonite University had 53 student-athletes named recently to the 2010-11 Old Dominion Athletic Conference All-Academic Team.  All of the Royals’ programs compete in the ODAC except for men’s volleyball, which is not sponsored by the league.

The full All-Academic Team eclipsed 1,000 student-athletes for the fifth consecutive year and set a new high-water mark for conference honorees for the second year in a row.  With representatives from each of the 14 ODAC institutions (including Catholic for football only), 1,253 student-athletes earned recognition on the 2010-11 ODAC All-Academic Team.

Eligibility for the ODAC All-Academic Team is open to any student-athlete that competes in a conference-sponsored sport, regardless of academic class.  He or she must achieve at least a 3.25 grade point average for the year to be considered for an ODAC All-Academic Award.

The entire list of Royals on the ODAC All-Academic Team is below.

Laura Beckler – Women’s Soccer
Richy Bikko – Men’s Cross Country
Brad Billings – Baseball
Jennifer Blankenship – Women’s Basketball
Jessica Blanks  – Field Hockey
Brittany Boarman – Women’s Basketball
Rachel Breeden – Softball
Rose Byler – Women’s Soccer
Katie Cimini – Field Hockey
Linda Cimini – Field Hockey
Mary Beth Danaher – Field Hockey
Erica Detweiler – Women’s Soccer
Anne Diller – Women’s Soccer
Ryan Eshleman – Men’s Soccer
Patrick Fox – Men’s Soccer
Lynae Fry – Volleyball
Tessa Gerberich – Field Hockey
Jessica Goertzen – Volleyball
Mark Harder – Men’s Cross Country
Brooke Hensley – Softball
Rachel Kennel – Women’s Soccer
Justin King – Baseball
Sara Lamneck – Women’s Basketball
Vanessa Landis – Field Hockey
Sarah Leland – Field Hockey
Owen Longacre – Men’s Basketball
Bryan Loy – Baseball
Ian Mast – Men’s Soccer
Michelle Miller – Women’s Soccer
Michael Moles – Baseball
Muoka Musau – Men’s Soccer
Daniel Nafziger – Men’s Cross Country
Katarina Napfel – Softball
Becky Nolt – Field Hockey
Jake Norman – Baseball
Erin Reichart – Women’s Soccer
Stephanie Rheinheimer – Women’s Basketball
Andy Richter – Baseball
Hailee Rittle – Field Hockey
Nicole Ropp – Volleyball
Bryce Shank – Men’s Soccer
Molly Smith – Softball
Brittany Snyder – Women’s Basketball
Morgan Spicher – Field Hockey
Doran Stucky – Men’s Soccer
Elisa Troyer – Volleyball
Nathaniel Weaver – Men’s Soccer
Kori Wenger – Women’s Soccer
Taylor Wenger – Women’s Soccer
Brent Yoder – Men’s Soccer
Chaska Yoder – Women’s Soccer
Marla Young – Women’s Basketball
Kelsey Zook – Women’s Soccer