Unique preaching and challenging message from LSA

By Samantha Cole, Weathervane student newspaper

¡Bienvenido a capilla! The Latino Student Association presented chapel on Oct. 7. Students clapped along with praise and worship songs in Spanish, including “Bueno Es” and “Te adoro a ti.” As everyone settled in, Camila Pandolfi spoke about the importance of knowing your goals. Pastor Byron Pellecer and Marvin Lorenzana then took the podium and began a unique sermon Pellecer planted and preaches at Iglesia Discipular Anabaptista based out of Harrisonburg Mennonite Church. Lorenzana, whom Pellecer calls his “brother from another mother,” is the director of Multicultural Services at EMU.

Trading rapid-fire phrases and sideways glances that sent giggles across the audience, they wove a thought-provoking story about a hypothetical windfall of “Can you imagine for a minute, that in your bank account, it will appear overnight the amount of $6,400” he said, setting up the imaginary scenario.

“But the catch is that you have to spend every single penny to the last cent. You cannot save it; you have to use it, whichever way you do it… because at the end of the day at midnight, it will be voided.”

Together they went through the options: paying college bills, buying a car, giving to the poor. “$6,400 is a lot of money. I cannot even think that in Spanish,” Pellecer quipped.

“We have that amount in our hands,” he revealed. “One single day has 6,400 seconds.” He challenged students as well as educators to think about how they use these precious seconds, and what they are adding up to in the end. “What would you do with that knowledge? Would you put it into practice, or hang it on a wall?”

They continued to speak in fluctuating Spanish/English about how education is a means of transforming oneself, and using it to be of service to people in the world. “In my own opinion, education is a way of opening our hearts,” Pellecer said.

“Use it wisely. Use it to better your life, and the lives of the people that will always be next to you. Free others. Teach them the goodness of God, teach them the foundation of God, teach them the beauty of life. Because all these elements, you guys are getting right here.”