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Outstanding Young Alum: Laura Rosenberger

Laura Rosenberger ’03 was either 4 or 5 when she bounced out of her pediatrician’s office one day exclaiming, “I want to be just like Dr. Kopp when I grow up.” Rosenberger didn’t recall the incident but it became family lore as the years passed and she never wavered in her desire to become a ...More

In Gratitude For Intellectual Exploration

After graduating from EMU with a biology degree in 1976, Leland Ropp went straight to medical school, on to residency and then a 25-year career as a pedi­atric emergency physician in the Detroit area. (Dealing with frightened parents in the ER was often harder than dealing with their sick children, he reports.) He’s always treasured ...More

A Nurse at Heart

Lisa King was deeply invested in EMU before she even arrived on campus. King’s parents, Dave King ’76 and Debra Glick King ’77, MBA ’12, were educated at EMU; her older brother, Derek ’03, had just graduated from the university; and her brother Ryan ’07 was a sophomore. In 2004, she entered EMU with 12 ...More

43 years as a country doctor at Green Valley Clinic

Every Tuesday night, Dr. Linford Gehman ’59 still makes the trip from Bergton, back in the farthest mountain reaches of Rockingham County, to the hospital in Harrisonburg for continuing education seminars. Though he’s been practicing medicine for a half century, he’s got a medical license to keep up. He’s still seeing patients three days a ...More