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Outstanding Young Alum: Laura Rosenberger

Laura Rosenberger ’03 was either 4 or 5 when she bounced out of her pediatrician’s office one day exclaiming, “I want to be just like Dr. Kopp when I grow up.” Rosenberger didn’t recall the incident but it became family lore as the years passed and she never wavered in her desire to become a ...More

Affirming of EMU’s Athletes

Byard “Doc” Deputy grew up on a farm west of Harrisonburg, attend­ing Weavers Mennonite Church and Eastern Mennonite School (EMS). In his mind, he spent way too much time hoeing thistles, removing rocks from the fields, and thinning corn. There were better things to do, thought the young man, like sneaking away on Sundays to ...More

All-time top U.S. runner, Jim Ryun, embraces EMU as annual camp site

One of the all-time top athletes in the United States, mile-record-setter Jim Ryun, has settled into making EMU the site of one of his three annual running camps. Ryun tried EMU for the first time in the summer of 2013, moving his training camp from Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania. He returned in 2014 and says ...More