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From The President: For Such A Time As This

Let’s Light the Open Access Pathway! GREETINGS EMU FRIENDS! This has been a year like no other! It has been filled with upheaval and uncertainty in how to respond to a pandemic that has been unusually cruel in its toll on lives and livelihood in the U.S. and around the world. In the midst of […]

Welcome Herm V: A Little Hermstory

The fifth incarnation of the EMU Blue Lion known familiarly as Herm was introduced during the kick-off celebration Friday, Oct. 16, of Homecoming Weekend. His history begins well before this passing of the torch. Here are some highlights: 1980: Basketball coach Sherman Eberly ‘68 tells The Weather Vane that he’d like to see “some type of mascot” and […]

Turning To Each Other

ONE OF THE CENTER FOR JUSTICE AND PEACEBUILDING’S FOREMOST STRENGTHS is its alumni network – peacebuilders scattered across the globe, each with their own areas of expertise in building up the communities around them. This summer, these practitioners and scholars convened virtually via the software QiQoChat to discuss the most pressing issues of 2020: racial and […]

Free Hope and Resilience

More online ways to gather, lead and learn We aren’t joking. If you’re overwhelmed by the new challenges of life now, you are not alone! Read the article about CJP networking and know that what is highlighted there is also available to you through your connection to EMU. We’re not just talking about getting another […]

Leading in Crisis: Jeannine Uzel on Healthcare

JEANNINE UZEL MSN ’18 expected 2020, designated as the Year of the Nurse and the Midwife by the World Health Assembly, to be one of celebration and recognition for her colleagues at the Virginia Department of Health. Instead, as the director of public health nursing for the Virginia Department of Health, she has provided leadership during […]

Leading in Crisis: Jeff Boodie on Economics

SOCIAL IMPACT ENTREPRENEUR JEFF BOODIE ’07 says he met EMU’s invitation to speak about leading in crisis with some hesitation. “To be honest,” he said, “my response was that we’re still in this kind of ‘wound stage’ for many entrepreneurs who have had to pivot and change business models and generally rethink life in general.” Here […]

Leading in Crisis: Ram Bhagat on Race

EDUCATOR AND ARTS INNOVATOR RAM BHAGAT GC ’19 has brought drums and lively audience interaction to his many guest teaching appearances at EMU. Limited in both time and space by the virtual Tentalks format, for this visit he deftly wove poetry, lyrics and personal reflection into an introduction to racism, anti-racism, and the devastating effects of […]

Leading in Crisis: Student Government Association Co-presidents

EMU’S THREE STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION CO-PRESIDENTS stepped into their collective new role just weeks after the spring semester shift to virtual learning. Summer challenges demanded full immersion: They balanced jobs, studies, self-care, and their own social activism while both representing their peers and responding to their needs with empathy, flexibility, and innovation. From sitting on various […]

From the President: Our COVID-19 Response

GREETINGS FRIENDS OF EMU! I hope you are well.My, have our worlds been turned upside down by the pandemic in the past three months! It’s a two-headed invisible foe – hurting us on the health front and economic front at the macro level as nation-states and businesses and on the micro level as campuses, communities […]

Royals Respond: More than ever, the world needs EMU Graduates

YUN SHEN SEM ‘19 / Fuzhou, Fujian, ChinaYun is a pastor with Luoyuan Christian Church. From correspondence with EMU, 2/14/2020 All churches in China were closed down for Sunday service and all gatherings from January 26. Chinese officials have closed transport within and out of Wuhan and other cities in Hubei province, including buses, subways, […]