2020 Grads: Honoring the accomplishments of the Class of 2020

June 12th, 2020


  • Contributing editor to a professor’s book
  • Research intern at CIE for MC USA
  • Being on the first ever Women’s Triathlon team
  • Tried my best at laser tag (!!)
  • ODAC All Academic Team Spring 2018
  • 2019 Concerto/Aria Competition Winner
  • Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing
  • Honor Society
  • ODAC sportsmanship award
  • ODAC all academic team
  • Intramural Volleyball Champions 2018
  • Presenting research project at the APNA conference in New Orleans
  • Attending Master program at DUKE University
  • Fundraised about $6,000 each for UNICEF and Water4
  • Bibliotherapy reader at VMRC
  • Hawaii research project with chemistry professor Matt Siderhurst
  • Presenting research at the ASCB/EMBO conference in D.C.
  • Running a 26:49 8k in my senior ODAC race
  • Named to NFHCA National Academic Squad
  • Being the first of four siblings in my family to graduate from college
  • Scoring the winning goal in the first soccer game of my freshman year.
  • Baked approximately 50 loaves of bread my senior year
  • Teacher of Promise Nominee
  • National Triathlon qualifier
  • Winning the Kryptos codebreaking competition
  • Research in a Guatemalan cloud forest


  • 25th Anniversary Planning Committee
  • Justice and peacebuilding residency
  • Being #2 in assists for volleyball in the EMU record book
  • Participated as a keynote speaker in the Daughter for Life Foundation gala in Toronto
  • Helped Arab refugees and immigrants with translations and interpretations
  • Designing the STAR for Sexual Harms curriculum as part of my CJP practicum


  • “It’s the little things I’ll miss most: stargazing on the hill, late night games with friends, gifts from the dumpster fairy at 1 a.m., doing homework on the lawn in the sun, chilling in Common Grounds, grabbing food with a professor… the list goes on.” – LINDSAY ACKER
  • “My cross-cultural to the Middle East was the absolute highlight of my time at EMU and something that I will always cherish. The memories of busy market streets, laughing in Arabic class with my friends, and the incredible food will stay with me forever.” – ERIN BEIDLER
  • “For Valentine’s Day our senior year, my friend Clara and I snuck into our best friends’ apartment at 6 a.m. and made them an elaborate breakfast. We made blackberry syrup, chocolate chip pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, and two different kinds of coffee. We set the table with our mismatched plates, lit candles, and gave them homemade valentines… We only knocked over their entire recycling once and came only *very close* to setting off the fire alarm. They loved it.” – LYDIA CHAPPELL DECKERT
  • “Finding my purpose, which is to capture stories.” – KIANA CHILDRESS
  • “Meeting my forever friends” – HEIDI GROSSNICKLE
  • “The energy at EMU is different. Whenever I have tried to explain it to peers who weren’t part of the community, they simply couldn’t understand. There’s a sense of unconditional positive energy, where each one of us genuinely wants the best for each other.” – SAKO HAJI
  • “The very top of my list of achievements is that I turned 50 this year and received my bachelor’s degree. I returned to school 21 years later, after suddenly losing my job. I hope to set the example to my children the importance of earning a degree and that education is important.” – ANGELA HOOVER
  • “From the creative labs to the late nights studying to laughing with friends in the hallways to bombarding the professors’ offices about anything, it became home … If only the walls of the Suter Science building could talk, then you could know.” – MELISSA KINKAID
  • “Whether the conversation was centered around our deepest insecurities or if we consider human bodies to be living Lincoln Logs, it didn’t matter. As long as I was sharing a space with and giving my full attention to some of the most important people in my life, I was happy.” – RACHEL MUSSELMAN
  • “Putting on my scrubs and stethoscope for the first time with my classmates!” – MEGAN GAIL MILLER
  • “This is a place where we can find ourselves.” – EMILIO R. FAJARDO


  • “When I attended a mandatory class with my two-week-old baby. I’ll never forget how accommodating and supportive my professors and fellow classmates were to me and my son.” – KARISSA DAVIS
  • “From a student life perspective, being able to help lead the design and installation of the campus barbershop is something I will be proud of for a long time.” – SCOTT EYRE
  • “I have met many wonderful people from the United States and around the globe who truly made my time worthwhile. I had friends I could joke with, study with, and have meaningful conversations with … I am grateful to have had this transformative and life-changing experience. My journey was not easy, but it was well worth it.” – MAHA Y. A. MEHANNA