More about EMU’s new tagline ‘Lead Together’

December 18th, 2019

Our year-long brand audit process brought together many voices to reflect on the distinctive impacts of an EMU education. A diverse group of stakeholders, including alumni, shared this: EMU is known for rigorous academics and job placement, but above all else, as a caring and supportive community. That community empowers students to grow as unifying leaders, creating graduates who set themselves apart as bridge-builders equipped with intercultural competence, oriented toward peace and justice, and eager to put an active faith into practice.

“Our new tagline Lead Together,” says President Susan Schultz Huxman, “captures the essence of the EMU advantage. The simple expression focuses on building relationships as the heart of authentic success. We take two unusually paired words and assert that learning to Lead – and/or achieve, discover, grow, build, play, pray and serve – Together is healthy, humane and hugely important to the kind of ‘success’ that truly matters in our highly fractured and polarized world. We believe it’s a tagline well positioned for our times.” 

The Brand Audit Process

  • September – December 2018: Brand research begins, focusing on EMU’s identity and distinctive strengths 
  • October – November 2018: Internal audience assessments include focus groups with alumni, donors, current undergraduate and graduate students, nontraditional students, faculty, staff, trustees and President’s Second Century Advisors group. 
  • December – January 2019: Hypotheses and potential brand platforms are developed for external testing. 
  • January – February 2019: Testing is completed with prospective students and parents. 
  • February – March 2019: The brand audit committee hosts update/feedback sessions for faculty, staff and students. 
  • March – April 2019: Testing with faculty, staff, alumni, current students and Board of Trustees. Prospective students participate in a benchmark survey. President’s Cabinet conducts focused testing with donors and supporters. President’s Second Century Advisors provide input. 
  • April – June 2019: Brand messaging is developed. 
  • June – August 2019: Brand identity is developed.
  • July – October 2019: New print materials, website design updates and signage on campus are implemented. 
  • October 2019: The new “Lead Together” tagline is introduced to the public at Homecoming and Family Weekend.