Researching Climate Change

June 8th, 2011

Robert B. Wenger

Robert B. Wenger

Robert B. Wenger ’58, professor emeritus of natural and applied sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, works globally on matters relating to climate change. In August 2010 he was in Peru for two weeks participating in two international seminars: (1) an environmental and water resources management seminar held at La Molina University in Lima and (2) an international seminar on watershed pollution held at the University of Tumbes in the northern Peruvian city with the same name. At both seminars Wenger gave a presentation titled “Climate Change Impacts on the Green Bay Ecosystem,” reflecting studies he has been doing for several years. Wenger’s research has been used by Wisconsin’s Initiative on Climate Change Impacts, a group charged with identifying adaptive and mitigation strategies for climate change in that state. Wenger, along with colleagues and friends at the School of the Environment at Beijing Normal University, are now organizing the next Environmental and Water Resources Management Seminar, scheduled for October 2011.

With an academic background in mathematics, Wenger has pursued the following research interests, among others: application of mathematical models to environmental problems such as solid waste management and water quality management; ecosystem risk assessment; and graph-theoretic approaches to the study of eco-system stressors. He is one of the four authors of Waste Management and Resource Recovery (CR-Press, 1995).

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