On safe spaces

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In the fall of 1963, as a relatively naïve 19-year-old, I left my largely white environment and entered my sophomore year at Morehouse College, an historically Black college. I had prepared the best I knew how by reading mostly African American writers, especially novelists, and through conversations with people such as Dr. Vincent Harding. These… Read more »

How do we encourage good restorative justice practice?

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This guest blog, by Matthew Hartman and Fred Perloff, was first published in the RJCO Quarterly and then appeared on the Justice Outcomes website.  Matthew is a CJP graduate. In May 2015, the Zehr Institute for Restorative Justice organized and facilitated a “Restorative Justice Consultation” in Harrisonburg, VA. This was a gathering of 35 restorative justice practitioners… Read more »

Kindred spirits: restorative justice and permaculture

& Peacebuilding, Restorative Justice.

Guest blog by Jonathan McRay A Liberation Ecology Peacebuilding and sustainability often treat one another with suspicion. Both fields obscure the unbreakable lifeline between them with oversimplified arguments like social justice versus the environment, jobs versus nature preserves. Artificial distinctions between people and planet are dangerously misleading because our lives and all their conflict and… Read more »

Violence as a theological problem

& Peacebuilding.

[Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Ted Grimsrud. More on Ted below.] We live in a world where all too many people purposefully contribute to the harm of other human beings either by action or inaction. Most violence emerges with some kind of rationale to legitimize its use. Based on his work with extremely… Read more »

The shock of forgiveness

& Peacebuilding, Restorative Justice.

Guest blog by Fabrice j. Guerrier Hell is not merely a fiery story of eternal damnation written in a book; hell is what civilians experience in times of war. It is a lived experience that brings deep psychological trauma. War disintegrates the very social fabric people live in – their sense of safety, hope, and… Read more »

Jails aren’t the problem

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As is the case in many communities, our jail is full.  (“Overcrowded” is the usual term, but how can something be “over” crowded? It’s crowded, or it’s not).  Although a study is being conducted, the company doing the study is an architectural firm, so it seems inevitable that a new jail will be recommended. In this interview… Read more »

A case of mistaken identity

& Peacebuilding, Restorative Justice.

On the day before the conference began I was walking through the market in Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico with friends Katia Cecilia Ornelas-Núñez and Nuri Nusrat. When we emerged from the church on the square, two men were staring at me. We ignored them and began to walk away but they approached us, identifying themselves as journalists. Someone… Read more »