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Restorative Councils Help Pakistani Police

Ali Gohar updates jirga As the founding director of JustPeace International, Ali Gohar (MA ’02) has worked at updating the practice of jirga, an ancient tradition in Pakistan whereby respected and wise elders deliberate in an open community forum to resolve conflicts. In 2003, he and fellow CJP graduate Hassan Yousufzai (MA ’03) co-authored Pukhtoon ...More

African Police Officer Seeking Alternatives

At the end of his first year as a Fulbright scholar at CJP, Abou Ag Ahiyoya of Mali said he has been impressed with CJP’s emphasis on transformation at the grassroots level. “Until now, I have seen a top-down approach for solving problems,” Abou said in a May 2011 interview with Peacebuilder. Abou comes from ...More

What Have We Learned?

Restorative justice is fragile. It hinges on people taking determined steps to relentlessly pursue their healing despite the pain it may bring. It challenges us to growth, to imagine beyond the current status quo and to take the creative risk of feeling and acting in a different, yet deeply courageous way. —Carl Stauffer, EMU restorative justice ...More

Justice Amidst the Rubble: The hope of transitional justice

The heavy heat of the tropical afternoon sun was almost as oppressive as the news of ‘blanket amnesty’ being granted to all the rebel factions who had fought in the vicious 12-year civil war in Sierra Leone, West Africa. I was with the Sierra Leone refugee community in 2001, “sitting in the fire” of the ...More

I Bring My Work Home With Me

As a dad to two young, beautiful children, I am very aware of the challenges of being a parent. I know the immense joy of observing my children and also the want-to-put-my-head-through-a-wall-twice difficulty of certain behaviors. I was asked recently by a good friend if I use a restorative justice approach to parenting. Indeed, I ...More

In Somaliland, the Camel is King

Camels are central to Somaliland culture and sustainability issues, but it wasn’t until my third visit there that I actually saw these important creatures. I learned of their central role in Somaliland as I participated in a joint project between the University of Hargeisa (UOH) and the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding at Eastern Mennonite ...More

The journey of bringing restorative justice to James Madison University

The journey of bringing restorative justice to James Madison University’s Office of Judicial Affairs has been one of the most fulfilling endeavors I have ever undertaken. Restorative justice fits my view of the potential of people in the world and I also believe the principles and practices of restorative justice are a perfect fit for ...More

Justice for children whose parents are in prison

Three million children in the United States are estimated to have one or both parents in prison.   Here is some information about these children: 1 in 15 African American children has a parent in prison.  For white children the figure is 1 in 110. About half of parents in prison have never had a personal ...More

Professional in mediation and conflict

C. Dave Dyck, MA ’00 Winnipeg, Canada Reflecting on the 10 years since he finished his master’s degree, Dave Dyck says two memories loom large: (1) The joyful time spent in community, experiencing meaningful relationships. (2) The way that his restorative justice professor, Howard Zehr, “handed off power.” Dave recalls that Howard had a way ...More

Activist, amateur filmmaker, father

Jeff Heie, MA ’00 Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester, England Before enrolling in EMU in 1996, Jeff Heie and his soon-to-be-wife Tammy Krause joined two other volunteers in working for Christian Peacemaker Teams in Washington D.C. on violence reduction. The foursome did crime analysis, a listening project, organized neighborhood patrols, and facilitated community meetings. Jeff then moved in ...More