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Barbie Fischer

Barbie Fischer is currently the Executive Director of Restorative Encounters, a non-profit association of restorative justice professionals and organizations offering resources and training in restorative practices; specializing in equipping organization, government agencies and people to work through conflict within the criminal “justice” system, child welfare, schools and families. She has assisted in organizational development where ...More

Starting in schools: Paper Tigers and RJE Academy

The film Paper Tigers documents the journey of a school in Walla Walla, Washington (US), that introduced a trauma-informed approach to discipline and student support in a school environment full of drug abuse, fights, and poor academic performance. In just a few years, they achieved a 90% decrease in suspensions, a 75% decrease in fights, ...More

Grad Pioneers Restorative Justice in Second-Largest School System in USA

Joseph Luciani, MA ’13, has spent the last year leading a restorative justice pilot program in the Los Angeles Unified School District, the second-largest school system in the United States. Luciani coaches all the teachers at one Los Angeles school, Augustus Hawkins High School (AHHS), enabling them to run community-building circles with their students at ...More

Educators Get First Restorative Justice Program in Nation

Long a pioneer in the field of restorative justice, EMU will become the first in the country to offer restorative justice programs housed within a graduate education program. Beginning this fall, students in the MA in education program will be able to pursue an interdisciplinary concentration in restorative justice in education (RJE) by taking courses ...More

Restorative Justice Revisits Punishment

justice, n. Etymology: < Old French justise, -ice (jostise) uprightness, equity, vindication of right, administration of law, jurisdiction, court of justice, infliction of punishment, gallows, judge, etc. —Oxford English Dictionary online The customary way of thinking of justice – usually tied to determining what kind of punishment is appropriate for a particular wrongdoing – is ...More

‘What Will Happen to Me?’ Speaks to Children of Prisoners

In addition to the children of prisoners profiled in What Will Happen to Me?, the same question could be asked of many others touched upon in this edition of Peacebuilder: child soldiers and ex-combatants around the world; confused teens harmed by draconian school policies; survivors of trauma; overburdened officials in criminal justice, educational, and other ...More

Harsh Discipline May Contribute to Youth Suicide

One cost of harsh punishment The need for new approaches to school discipline came to the attention of tens of thousands in the nation’s capital when The Washington Post ran the headline “Fairfax school disciplinary policies scrutinized after apparent suicide.” It was January 22, 2011, and the opening paragraphs of the newspaper article read: The ...More

Addressing Conflict and Harm in Schools

Educating for peacebuilding As school districts across North America – indeed perhaps across the world – struggle with how to enable students to study productively in safe, respectful school environments, more school personnel are checking into restorative justice and asking themselves whether the practices of “RJ” could be applied in their environments. Certain school districts ...More

Lowering Crime by Building Community

The transition from schoolteaching to restorative justice practitioner was not a big leap for Rebecca Stone (MA ’11). She had worked in a therapeutic boarding school for two years and grasped the skills and methodologies helpful for addressing problems with special education students. She was patient, affirming, flexible. A good listener. All of which stand ...More

The Restoration of James Madison University

I have seen many negative, harmful incidents go through restorative processes and come out the other side with transformed students and community members. This is not something people involved in student discipline are used to seeing. –Josh Bacon, Phd, Director of Judicial Affairs, James Madison University In just three years, Josh Bacon has mobilized some ...More

Partnering With Police To Do Restorative Justice

In the summer of 2010, a Massachusetts man who had just retired from 33 years of policing – the last 17 as a police chief – did an odd thing for relaxation and rejuvenation: he enrolled in Howard Zehr’s restorative justice class at EMU’s Summer Peacebuilding Institute (SPI). Chief Len Wetherbee already knew quite a ...More