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Jeff Heie

Activist and Parent Since making the decision to be the at-home parent of my two sons, I have increasingly become an environmental activist on the local level. I chair Chorlton’s Big Green Festival, an event that I helped found, and that we hope will continue annually. The festival educates the community about issues such as ...More

Activist, amateur filmmaker, father

Jeff Heie, MA ’00 Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester, England Before enrolling in EMU in 1996, Jeff Heie and his soon-to-be-wife Tammy Krause joined two other volunteers in working for Christian Peacemaker Teams in Washington D.C. on violence reduction. The foursome did crime analysis, a listening project, organized neighborhood patrols, and facilitated community meetings. Jeff then moved in ...More

From Self And Community To Systems

Mental health worker – Professor – Schoolteacher – Full-time parent – Mediator – Lawyer – PhD student Administrator – Writer – Consultant – Newspaper editor – Hospital staffer – UN official – Computer engineer – Grandmother – Priest The post-EMU paths followed by CJP’s 36 earliest graduates are as diverse as the 10 countries in ...More

Lingering Impressions

Of CJP’s First Graduates 1. More impact than they foresaw In the booklet When You Are the Peacebuilder, published just nine years ago [2001], the three authors – then all fresh graduates from CJP – wrote: “Most of us – including the authors – will never be famous. We’ll not work at the UN, or ...More