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PhD candidate in social work & research

Barb Toews, MA ’00 Lancaster, Pennsylvania After eight years of going “behind the walls and bars” to work with prisoners and prison staff, Barb Toews finds herself in a dramatically different environment these days: in the peaceful setting of a Quaker-founded private college with expansive lawns, towering shade trees, and buildings with picture windows. Barb ...More

From Self And Community To Systems

Mental health worker – Professor – Schoolteacher – Full-time parent – Mediator – Lawyer – PhD student Administrator – Writer – Consultant – Newspaper editor – Hospital staffer – UN official – Computer engineer – Grandmother – Priest The post-EMU paths followed by CJP’s 36 earliest graduates are as diverse as the 10 countries in ...More

Howard Zehr’s Capital Introduction to Restorative Justice

On Oct. 16, 2008, the United States Sentencing Commission held a “working luncheon” in Washington D.C., where EMU restorative justice professor Howard Zehr was the opening panelist. The following is a much-abridged version of what he said. Zehr is one of six appointed members on the commission’s Victims Advisory Group. It’s an honor to be ...More

Howard Zehr Keeps Planting Restorative Justice Seeds

At age 65, Howard Zehr muses with friends and colleagues about retiring and spending more time on his photography and kayaking, but he shows no signs of slowing down. If anything, Zehr’s schedule seems fuller than ever as he mentors successors.

Restorative Justice Network of African Americans

Four years ago, Jacqueline Roebuck Sakho, MA ’09, was working as the faith-based outreach coordinator for the Division of Corrections in Shelby County, which surrounds Memphis, Tennessee. She tried to do things to help families stay in touch with each other, such as get the National Association of Baptist Women to provide cakes for children’s birthday ...More