18. We are a Storytelling Species

In this episode Lindsay Martin interviews host patience kamau in an effort to understand the behind the scenes development of this podcast, the motivations for its creation and the preparation that goes into each episode. 

Lindsay Martin is associate director of Development for CJP. 


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patience kamau

patience kamau’s passion is for the earth’s “wild” creatures. She is a peacebuilder-conservationist who at heart, sees her role as a conciliatory one between humans and our global environment’s complex ecosystems. Along with others who feel and think similarly, she seeks to continually step into the flashpoint and convince fellow humans that, though we now contextually exist in a free market economic system based on exultations of short-term growth and endless profits, a blind pursuit of interest maximization with little thought to environmental impact only serves to undermine our species’ long-term survival.


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3 comments on “18. We are a Storytelling Species”

  1. Merwyn De Mello says:

    Thanks so much patience for the dedication and creativity in putting together these podcasts. They serve to inspire and connect.
    A suggestion: how about interviewing alumni – their Peacebuilding journeys would serve several purposes: stories of successes and challenges; the CJP curriculum brought to life; and, advertise CJP!

    1. patience says:

      Thank YOU so much Merwyn for your faithful accompaniment throughout the season.

      Indeed, that is a great suggestion; will take it into serious consideration!

  2. Merwyn De Mello says:

    Another possibility is 'dialogue podcasts' where an alum dialogues with a staff member, or dialogues between alumni with a focus on a particular theme of looking into the future.

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