Mohamed Fetah Zabaar

Program Manager, Restorative Justice and Family Group Decision Making, American Humane Association

I am the Program Manager for Restorative Justice and Family Group Decision Making for the American Humane Association. During the last few years, I facilitated restorative conferences in Sonoma County, California in cases of arson, bomb threat, and battery.

Currently I am developing curricula to implement restorative justice processes, notably a new process addressing the issues of dependency and delinquency (Dual jurisdiction youth). I also provide trainings and make presentations to a variety of audiences including probation departments and community based organizations.

2004: Professionally, I joined Freedom House in Tunisia, and it is an interesting job. I work on two projects. One is called New Generation that aims to build the capacity of mid level leaders in order to achieve democratic change in the Arab region. The second is the Algeria Project where I mainly work on transitional Justice in Algeria. This project has a lot to deal with the last ten years’ massacres that occurred in Algeria. However, the last law on national reconciliation represents an impediment to our work and the project is threatened.

There is a lot to do, but the obstacles are many as well. I hope that my legal background and knowledge in human rights field will help me and my colleagues overcome these obstacles.

I always think that if I had CTP (or CJP if you are already used to this new name so strange to me) people here, we would be able to solve all the region’s problems. These scattered efforts frustrate me. I know that I have the backup but it is frustrating anyway. In CTP we learnt a language that few people speak, and a language so hard to teach especially that I had to learn it as well.

In the Algeria Project we will need experts in transitional justice issues and I will probably need help from CJP to come to the region.