Matt is working as an Emergency Readiness Program Specialist with San Diego Gas & Electricity in their Operational Field and Emergency Readiness division (OFER). OFER is comprised of field responders who act as advisors for utility leadership on following Incident Command System (ICS) procedures, acting as a liaison between the utility and external first responder agencies, and doing training with community partners on safety measures when responding to an incident.

The Emergency Readiness function of OFER is responsible for facilitating discussions after an emergency event through an after-action review process. Through targeted surveys, facilitated debriefs, and informal interviews, Emergency Readiness develops corrective actions that target streamlining procedures, improving dialogue within and outside the organization, and above all else – improve workforce and community safety.

OFER serves as an independent, unaligned resource within the company to partner with other departments on improving the integrity, agility, and creativity of their section’s structure. We advocate organizational learning through radical candor, psychological safety, and focusing on the problem – not the people.

This profile was last updated December 9, 2021