Jacqueline Roebuck Sakho

Victim Outreach Specialist

As a Restorative Justice (RJ) Practitioner, I am a Victim Outreach Specialist contracted by the courts in capital murder cases to be a bridge builder between the defense team and the surviving family members’ justice needs.

(Read more about Jaqualine’s work: Restorative Justice Network of African Americans
Peacebuilder Magazine, Fall/Winter 2009/10

For my practicum, I started the Baobab Tree Listening Project, a qualitative study. The purpose of my research is to locate African American Restorative Justice practitioners and thinkers. I surveyed their perspectives around Restorative Justice approaches and established a network. One of our interests is to discover how to push the limitations of RJ. So I have continued to work independently on the study, just participating in the first gathering of African American RJ practitioners and thinkers that was held July 31, 2009 through August 2, 2009 in Berkeley Springs, WV.