Ferdinand Vaweka Djayerombe


Field of Practice:


As soon as I returned to Africa from the US (EMU/CJP) I went through three intense months in the Congo and the Great Lakes Region of Africa (throughout Congo, to Uganda and Kenya). Most of the time, I volunteered with different organizations, all focusing on different aspects of human rights (Justice Plus), monitoring of the electoral process (UN Mission’s Gender division), Early warning (FEWER International). Then we planned for me to attend a conference in Winnipeg on Child soldiers’ issues.

On my way to Kinshasa, I got stuck in Eastern Congo because there was insecurity and fighting in Kinshasa between the two winners of the first round of the presidential elections. I left the country, leaving behind all my stuff in Kinshasa. I was still hoping to reach Winnipeg in time for the conference when, on my way, I experienced consecutive long layovers. I finally got to Montreal on the last day of the Winnipeg conference, having missed my Montreal to Winnipeg flight.

I am currently based in Montreal, waiting for the unknown next step, and enjoying being with my family.