Bridget is currently Senior Program Coordinator with Amizade, a Pittsburgh-based non-profit dedicated to inspiring empathy, catalyzing social action, and linking diverse communities through Fair-Trade Learning. In this role, Bridget acts as a liaison to Amizade’s community partners in Northern Ireland, Trinidad and Tobago, Brazil and Washington D.C. and helps to coordinate 60+ experiential learning programs a year with universities, community groups, and other institutions in the public and private sectors.

Bridget is interested in process design and developing creative facilitation structures to aid civic dialogue and meaningful reflection. Her work at Amizade provides many opportunities to design and lead facilitated reflections around issues such as race, power, privilege, global citizenship, service, and social justice.

In addition to her work at Amizade, Bridget is a conductor and actor in Pittsburgh Playback Theatre. Playback Theater is a form of improvisational, interactive theater in which audience members share stories and witness them enacted on the spot. Pittsburgh Playback Theatre strives to create community and express and honor the full range of human experience through workshops and performances.

This profile was last updated July 10, 2017