Bridget Mullins is a process designer, facilitator, artist, and independent consultant serving justice and equity-focused nonprofit organizations, community groups, and higher ed institutions. She specializes in helping teams unleash their creative, collaborative, and innovative capacity and is known for her engaging and (seriously) playful facilitation style. Her practice is infused with embodied and creative techniques from over a decade of experience with applied theatre, improvisation, and vocal performance. She enjoys experimenting with simple interaction structures to design engaging and effective processes for dialogue, strategy, person-centered organizational change, and collaborative learning, both in person and online. Before founding her own consulting practice, Bridget worked for 8+ years facilitating experiential learning programs for youth and young adults in partnership with U.S. and internationally-based NGOs. She has worked in more than 10 countries, particularly in Central and South America. These powerful and complex experiences fueled her passion for distributive and participatory approaches to dialogue and change-making and led her to complexity science and Liberating Structures, essential elements of her practice.

Bridget doubles as an actor with Pittsburgh Playback Theatre, Engagement Instigator with CreativeMornings/Pittsburgh, and occasional designer of zines. She loves zipping around on her bike, staying curious, and developing authentic relationships.

B.A. in Peace Studies and Music from the University of Notre Dame and M.A. from the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding at Eastern Mennonite University.

This profile was last updated June 13, 2022