EMU Business Students win MEDA Case at Annual Convention

Last fall EMU sent seven students to the MEDA Convention in San Jose, California.

EMU students at the fall 2009 MEDA conventionbr>The winning team of MEDA’s annual student competition (left to right): Lindsay Lehman, Heidi Boese and Matt Ropp

Among these students were Matt Ropp, Heidi Boese, and Lindsay Lehman who participated in the annual student competition and won.

Students from different colleges were given a case involving an actual business and their task was to find solutions to the most important barriers and challenges.

The groups are then judged and a winner announced. Heidi Boese reported that her group prepared a PowerPoint that lasted around 20 minutes and they explained their plan for the business to a panel of judges.

The convention was a good experience for her and it helped apply the material she was learning in class to a real business.

Convention a great opportunity for students

Along with putting business concepts into practice, the convention offers a great opportunity to network with Christian business owners from all across North America and to meet students from other Mennonite Colleges.

The highlights of the trip for Heidi included listening to speakers who were successful in business, meeting new people, and spending a weekend in California.

It was an enjoyable experience for the students who attended; through the seminars and various speakers it was demonstrated how real organizations become successful.

For a few of the EMU students, the San Jose MEDA Convention wasn’t their first; some of them attended the 2008 Convention in Columbus, Ohio.

The next opportunity will be in fall 2010 at the Calgary Convention in Alberta, Canada.