Business Investment Club Gives Back with Donation to Our Community Place

EMU business student Kaleb Wyse with Ron Copeland, director of Our Community Place in Harrisonburg
Investment club member Kaleb Wyse presents the club’s contribution to Ron Copeland Director of Our Community Place.

In Spring 2009 EMU business students, under the direction of Professor Jim Leaman, formed an investment club.

About the investment club

The club is offered every semester for one credit hour.

Students of all majors and investment experience join the club to gain further investing knowledge and gain real life experience with trading stocks while keeping a socially conscious mind.

Students who join the group receive education on the stock market and investment options with various speakers and texts.

The first investments in 2009

The first members were allotted $10,000 and given freedom to pick investments. Spring 2009 offered an optimal time to enter the markets as the economy was nearing the bottom of a recession.

The students picked a variety of stocks and funds by researching possibilities and discussing them in class.

Throughout the following year, the fund grew to a peak of $14,368.

At the end of the fiscal year a new group of students followed the fund and were given the chance to do their own research to decide what stocks to hold and if any should be sold. The Fall 2009 group traded four holdings.

‘Our Community Place’ receives first check

The group bylaws, approved by each semester’s club members, ask that 10% of the gain each year be given to a charity.

Our Community Place, a non-profit community center in Harrisonburg, was the recipient of $436, and this was accepted by Director Ron Copeland, a graduate of Eastern Mennonite Seminary.

When presented with the check, Ron shared with the club members what his charity does for the community and his future aspirations for Our Community Place.