Apostolic Group to Meet at EMU

The Apostolic Christian Church, a fellowship headquartered in Richmond, Va., will hold its 61st annual Eastern Camp Bible Conference July 13-18 on the EMU campus. The church, founded in Switzerland in the mid 1700s, has spread throughout Europe and the Americas.

“We’ve enjoyed the use of this tremendous facility over the years and look forward to more than 740 attendees of all ages and from all regions of North America and beyond to assemble again,” said Tom Hertig, an advisor for the Apostolic Christian Church, Eastern Camp.

Hertig described the denomination as “a Bible-centered fellowship which teaches that the power of Christ’s sacrifice can save souls.

“Our theme this year is ‘and the books were opened,'” Hertig said. “The week’s activities and classes will explore both the book of God’s judgment as well as the book of life. We are excited about the spiritual revival and biblical instruction that will be shared all week and enjoyed by all ages.”

Inspirational evening programs will be held 7 p.m. nightly in EMU’s Lehman Auditorium and are open to the public. The programs include special music and testimonies.

For more information, contact Elsa Reinhardt, coordinator and registrar, at ACCcamp@optonline.net.