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There Has to be a Better Way

By Andrew Jenner ’04 Since the very beginning, the conviction that “there has to be a better way” has been a guiding principle for the Mennonite mental healthcare institutions that were established as a response to the experience of conscientious objectors (COs) during World War II. Mennonite mental healthcare institutions have demonstrated ingenuity and leadership ...More

Counselor-Mom is a Peacebuilder Too

By Michael John Shank, MA ’05 in conflict transformation Most people have a very classic notion of what it takes to be a peacemaker: Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, or Nelson Mandela. Beyond the notables, however, there are others recognized for their peacebuilding on the front lines – be it the oft-forgotten and ...More

Counselor to the Amish

As do many counselors, Lois (Bechtel) Shank Gerber ’66 lives for the times when she sees glimmers of hope and change in her clients. When a suicidal woman once told her that, for the first time, she felt peace and freedom in her life after working with Gerber, it made all the hard work that ...More