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Helping Vulnerable Kenyans Via Local Law

Recent issues of the Wajir Times, which covers the third-largest county in the northeast of Kenya, chronicle clan warfare, banditry, scarcity of water and land, concerns over attacks by Al Shabab, and civil unrest. Naema “Nimo” Somo, 28, practices law in the county government and works to build peace in her birthplace – a fractious, ...More

Kindred spirits from Kenya discover each other at EMU

Their neighborhoods in Nairobi, Kenya, were only 30 minutes apart. Yet these two students traveled more than 7,500 miles to meet for the first time at Eastern Mennonite University, where they discovered a closer connection than geographic proximity. At the end of her first EMU semester, Kaltuma Noorow had a casual conversation with Caleb Hinga, ...More