Current Cross-cultural Programs

Current Programs

Summer 2019

  • Mexico 3-week seminar (3 SH) May 9-31, $4,100 – Linda & Brian Martin Burkholder
  • Puerto Rico 3-week seminar (3 SH) May 21-June 12, $3,500 – Jenni Holsinger & Adam Yoder
  • South Africa 6-week seminar (6 SH, includes Theology) May 14-June 27, $6,500 – Andrew & Karen Suderman
  • Washington, DC 3-week seminar (3 SH) May 6-24, $2,550 – Ryan Good

Follow the activities and learning of our cross-cultural programs this term on the Cross-Cultural Blog. Some summer programs may not share journals or photos on this site, due to the dynamic nature and shorter length of the program.

EMU administration communicates with student families via an email listserv, and parents are encouraged to share updates and photos with each other via Facebook. Contact our department for more information or to join the parents’ listserv.

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Alternative Programs

If you are looking for a unique cross-cultural opportunity, these programs will help you find the experiences you are looking for while meeting requirements for cross-cultural credit. Or if you returned from an EMU cross-cultural program thinking you would like to enhance your new language skills, connect with a group here in the states similar to the host culture you just left behind, or give back to the world by using your gifts and skills serving in a cross-cultural setting, this list is for you!

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