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Cross-Cultural Program

Current Programs

Spring 2018

Follow the activities and learning of our cross-cultural programs this term on the Cross-Cultural Blog. Some summer programs may not share journals or photos on this site, due to the dynamic nature and shorter length of the program. Follow us on Facebook. EMU administration communicates with student families via an email listserv, and parents are encouraged to share updates and photos with each other via Facebook. Contact our department for more information or to join the parents’ listserv.

Alternative Programs

If you are looking for a unique cross-cultural opportunity, these programs will help you find the experiences you are looking for while meeting requirements for cross-cultural credit. Or if you returned from an EMU cross-cultural program thinking you would like to enhance your new language skills, connect with a group here in the states similar to the host culture you just left behind, or give back to the world by using your gifts and skills serving in a cross-cultural setting, this list is for you!

Intervarsity Global Urban Trek
Intervarsity Global Urban Trek

The Global Urban Trek develops leaders for on campus and vocational roles. 1.3 billion people in the world live in extreme poverty. You are invited to spend seven weeks living in slum communities to learn and discern whether God is calling you to live and serve alongside the urban poor. Contact Johonna Turner.

Washington Community Scholars CenterWashington Community Scholars’ Center (WCSC)
Contact: Karlyn Gehring, WCSC administrative assistant

This study service program fulfills the EMU cross-cultural requirement, includes an internship (20 hrs/wk) and weekly seminars taught by EMU faculty, and may include coursework at local universities. The study group of 10-15 students lives together in a house in Washington D.C. Applications for fall, spring, and summer are accepted on a rolling basis.

Central America Study and ServiceCentral America Study and Service (CASAS)
Contact: Ann Hershberger, director of cross-cultural programs

CASAS, a 12-week summer program based in Guatemala City, offers students an independent summer immersion experience similar to our spring semester cross-cultural program. Coursework includes Spanish language studies, Introduction to Central America, and elective courses chosen from history, peace and justice, anthropology, and religion. Students participate in orientation activities, home stays, internships, and numerous field excursions. Application materials and information are available from the CASAS web site. Students register through EMUwith approval from cross-cultural programs.

Contact: Linda M. Burkholder, Assistant to cross-cultural programs

BCA study abroad programs are rooted in the values of peace and justice and provide opportunities for students, especially foreign language majors and minors, to meet EMUrequirements. Students consult Cross-Cultural programs for general information and work with their advisors in choosing appropriate coursework for a semester or year. Application materials and information are available from the BCA web site. Completed applications must receive approval from EMU Cross-Cultural programs, as financial assistance and credit for the programs are received through EMU. BCA offers programs in the following countries: Australia, Belgium, China, Ecuador, England, France, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, and Spain.

International Business Institute (IBI)
Contact: Andrew Miller, faculty representative

EMU is an “affiliated school” with the International Business Institute (IBI) which is a cooperative overseas program in international economics and business. An essential component of this summer institute is to provide a learning experience in settings other than the usual classroom. For example, lectures take place in corporate headquarters, manufacturing plants, governmental and international agencies.

There are three distinctive features of the International Business Institute. First, is significant involvement with distinguished faculty from leadership appointments in private business and finance, government and academic life. Second, the program focuses on leading companies and institutions in the field of economics, business, and finance. Examples include Mars Candy, Credit Suisse, DaimlerChrysler, Deutsche Bank, LKM, European Union, Nestle, Black and Decker, and Shell Oil. Third, classroom content typically covered in an on-campus course is augmented by enriching and complementary field seminar experiences.

Because the IBI is a rigorous academic program all participants are expected to have completed a full year of principles of economics, a semester of accounting or finance, and one course in management or marketing. A minimum GPA of 2.75 (on a 4.0 scale) is required at the time of participation which is usually following the completion of the junior year. Positive recommendations and an official transcript are also required.

Mennonite Central CommitteeMennonite Service Programs
Contact: Amy Springer, assistant dean

SALT, an 11-month service learning program of Mennonite Central Committee, may satisfy the off-campus cross-cultural study requirement. Service-learning credit may be arranged in advance through the undergraduate academic dean’s office.

Mennonite Mission Network logoMennonite Voluntary Service (MVS) and Eastern Mennonite Missions offer service programs which may satisfy the off-campus cross-cultural study requirement. Service-learning credit may be arranged in advance through the undergraduate academic dean’s office.

Mennonite Disaster Service offers extended volunteer service in some work locations which may satisfy the off-campus cross-cultural study requirement. Service-learning credit may be arranged in advance through the Undergraduate Academic Dean’s Office.

LCC LogoLCC International University in Klaipeda, Lithuania offers a full range of coursework and community dorm life. Find them on Facebook.

Handong Global University international student exchange program in Pohang, South Korea. Hangdong is a Christian university with a focus on holistic development and academic excellence. See full brochure.