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Justice Amidst the Rubble: The hope of transitional justice

The heavy heat of the tropical afternoon sun was almost as oppressive as the news of ‘blanket amnesty’ being granted to all the rebel factions who had fought in the vicious 12-year civil war in Sierra Leone, West Africa. I was with the Sierra Leone refugee community in 2001, “sitting in the fire” of the ...More

I Bring My Work Home With Me

As a dad to two young, beautiful children, I am very aware of the challenges of being a parent. I know the immense joy of observing my children and also the want-to-put-my-head-through-a-wall-twice difficulty of certain behaviors. I was asked recently by a good friend if I use a restorative justice approach to parenting. Indeed, I ...More

In Somaliland, the Camel is King

Camels are central to Somaliland culture and sustainability issues, but it wasn’t until my third visit there that I actually saw these important creatures. I learned of their central role in Somaliland as I participated in a joint project between the University of Hargeisa (UOH) and the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding at Eastern Mennonite ...More

The journey of bringing restorative justice to James Madison University

The journey of bringing restorative justice to James Madison University’s Office of Judicial Affairs has been one of the most fulfilling endeavors I have ever undertaken. Restorative justice fits my view of the potential of people in the world and I also believe the principles and practices of restorative justice are a perfect fit for ...More

Justice for children whose parents are in prison

Three million children in the United States are estimated to have one or both parents in prison.   Here is some information about these children: 1 in 15 African American children has a parent in prison.  For white children the figure is 1 in 110. About half of parents in prison have never had a personal ...More

Professional in mediation and conflict

C. Dave Dyck, MA ’00 Winnipeg, Canada Reflecting on the 10 years since he finished his master’s degree, Dave Dyck says two memories loom large: (1) The joyful time spent in community, experiencing meaningful relationships. (2) The way that his restorative justice professor, Howard Zehr, “handed off power.” Dave recalls that Howard had a way ...More

Activist, amateur filmmaker, father

Jeff Heie, MA ’00 Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester, England Before enrolling in EMU in 1996, Jeff Heie and his soon-to-be-wife Tammy Krause joined two other volunteers in working for Christian Peacemaker Teams in Washington D.C. on violence reduction. The foursome did crime analysis, a listening project, organized neighborhood patrols, and facilitated community meetings. Jeff then moved in ...More

Peacebuilding author & consultant

Fidele Lumeya, MA ’00 Silver Spring, Maryland Fidele Lumeya feels that much of the material he covered to obtain his master’s degree in conflict transformation actually was embodied in African traditions of living in community, working out problems peaceably, and practicing reconciliation. Fidele articulated some of his views in a 2009 French-language book The Culture ...More

PhD candidate in social work & research

Barb Toews, MA ’00 Lancaster, Pennsylvania After eight years of going “behind the walls and bars” to work with prisoners and prison staff, Barb Toews finds herself in a dramatically different environment these days: in the peaceful setting of a Quaker-founded private college with expansive lawns, towering shade trees, and buildings with picture windows. Barb ...More

Updating Jirga

New Purposes for Old Tradition Ali Gohar, MA ’02, is working to update the traditional system of jirga in the border areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan. He believes passionately in the core function of jirga, whereby certain elders are recognized in their communities for their wisdom and ethics; these elders gather to make community-wide decisions, resolve problems, ...More